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Young Bess

This costume drama was based on the historical fiction of Margaret Irwin, which embellishes the facts of the early years of England’s eventual Queen Elizabeth I. It’s told in flashback style, starting with the horrible day when King Henry VIII (Charles Laughton) sends away the future queen, young Bess (Jean Simmons), and executes her mother, Anne Boleyn (Elaine Stewart). Some years and several wives later, Henry VIII invites Bess to return to the palace to live with Catherine Parr (Deborah Kerr), her new stepmother. When the king dies, Bess’ young half-brother, Edward (Rex Thompson), assumes the title of regent. Bess falls in love with the Navy’s top admiral, Thomas Seymour (Stewart Granger), but has her brother compel him to marry Catherine. After Catherine dies, Thomas confesses his love to Bess. But his scheming brother Ned (Guy Rolfe) finds out about Thomas’ feelings and accuses him of seducing Bess.

Release date: May 29, 1953
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama

Young Bess Caste and Crew
Director: George Sidney
writer: Arthur Wimperis,Jan Lustig
Jean Simmons,Stewart Granger,Deborah Kerr,Charles Laughton,Kay Walsh,Guy Rolfe,Kathleen Byron,Cecil Kellaway,Rex Thompson,Robert Arthur,Leo G Carroll,Norma Varden,Alan Napier,Noreen Corcoran,Ivan Triesault,Elaine Stewart,Dawn Addams,Doris Lloyd,Lumsden Hare,Lester Matthews,Fay Wall,Patrick Whyte,Frank Eldredge,John Sheffield,Carl Saxe,Ann Tyrrell,Sam Harris,Raymond Lawrence,David Cavendish,Clive Morgan,Charles R. Keane,Ian Wolfe,Reginald Sheffield,John Trueman