Where Angels Go—Trouble Follows! Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Where Angels Go—Trouble Follows!

Having scored big in 1966 with The Trouble With Angels, Columbia Pictures went back for a second bite of the apple with Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows. But it’s two years later, and the world of Catholic education depicted in the first movie is confronting a raft of changes on all sides, from within and without. And Mother Simplicia (Rosalind Russell) not only has a new generation of students headed for graduation, but a young, progressive nun, Sister George (Stella Stevens), with whom to lock horns. And if top hell-raisers Marvel Ann (Barbara Hunter) and Rosabelle (Susan Saint James) can’t cause her enough headaches to keep her busy, then Sister George will come up with something to get under her skin. The girls’ adventures take them cross-country to a Catholic-themed peace rally, on the way to which they encounter mechanical problems with their bus, leading to an overnight stay at a Catholic boys’ school and an encounter with some surly bikers; an interlude at a ranch owned by a millionaire (Robert Taylor), and a gradual loosening of the attitudes by the tradition-bound Mother Simplicia.

Release date: Jan 1, 1968
Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Kids & Family

Where Angels Go—Trouble Follows! Caste and Crew
Director: James Neilson
writer: Blanche Hanalis
Rosalind Russell,Stella Stevens,Susan Saint James,Mary Wickes,Binnie Barnes,Milton Berle,Barbara Boman,Arthur Godfrey,Barbara Hunter,Van Johnson,Alice Rawlings,Robert Taylor,Dolores Sutton,Hilarie Thompson,Devon Douglas,Ellen Moss,Cherie Lamour,Thomas Logan,June Fairchild,Michael Christian,Jon Hill,Hilary Thompson,John Findlater,Tom Logan,Mary Jo Begley,Janis Eaton,Patricia Eaves,Betsy Gindele,Vivian Gradin,Suellen Helland,Cindy Lu Rumple,William Lundigan