Wake of the Red Witch Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Wake of the Red Witch

This unusual, dreamlike John Wayne vehicle is set in the East Indies. The focus of the film is the deadly rivalry between two men of the sea. Ship’s captain Rails (John Wayne) nurses a long-standing grudge against shipping magnate Van Schreeven (Luther Adler). The reason for the animosity: Van Schreeven stole away Rails’ love, Angelique (Gail Russell). Revenge has warped Rails to point that sometimes he seems to be the heavy of the picture. Complications involving valuable pearls ensue before the offbeat climax, which finds Rails scuttling his own vessel, the Red Witch, as means of getting even. The film’s resolution is one of the strangest ever concocted for a Wayne picture. Wake of the Red Witch represented the second screen teaming of John Wayne and Gail Russell; the film must also have held some special significance for Wayne, since he named his own production company, Batjac, after the shipping firm depicted in the picture.

Release date: Mar 1, 1949
Production Company: Republic Pictures Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama

Wake of the Red Witch Caste and Crew
Director: Edward Ludwig
writer: Harry Brown,Kenneth Gamet
John Wayne,Gail Russell,Gig Young,Adele Mara,Luther Adler,Eduard Franz,Grant Withers,Henry Daniell,Paul Fix,Dennis Hoey,Jeff Corey,Erskine Sanford,Duke Kahanamoku,John Wengraf,Henry Brandon,Myron Healey,Harlan Warde,Fernando Alvarado,Jose Alvarado,Carlos Thompson,Mickey Simpson,Chuck Roberson,Grant Means,Jim Nolan,Harry J. Vejar,John Pickard,David Clarke,Fred Fox,Al Kikume,Leo C. Richmond,Harold Lishman,Fred Libby,Robert Wood,Fred Graham,Rory Mallinson,Norman Rainey,Scott Wallace,Kuka Tuitama,George Pliz