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Wake Island

The winner of four Oscar nominations, Wake Island was one of the first major Hollywood films to deal with America’s forced participation in World War II. The first two reels takes place in the weeks prior to Pearl Harbor, as Wake Island military commander Brian Donlevy carries on a friendly rivalry with Seabee supervisor Albert Dekker. Once the US is in the shooting war, all previous differences are forgotten and the Wake Island personnel begin pulling together. Despite being heavily outnumbered during the subsequent Japanese attack on Wake, the Americans put up a valiant fight, at great cost to the Imperial Forces. In a scene calculated to evoke long, loud cheers from the audience, Donlevy, weary and battle-stained, relays to the American mainland the legendary (if offensive) challenge “Send us more Japs!” As in the like-vintage Bataan, the military defeat of the Americans is treated-and justifiably so–as a moral victory. Utilizing some of the top male talents in Paramount’s contract pool-Donlevy, Dekker Robert Preston, MacDonald Carey, William Bendix–Wake Island remains an excellent example of propaganda-as-entertainment ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Release date: Aug 11, 1942
Production Company: MCA Universal Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama

Wake Island Caste and Crew
Director: John Farrow
writer: W.R. Burnett,Frank Butler
Brian Donlevy,Macdonald Carey,Robert Preston,Barbara Britton,William Bendix,Albert Dekker,Walter Abel,Mikhail Rasumny,Don Castle,Rod Cameron,Bill Goodwin,Damian O’Flynn,Frank Albertson,Phillip Terry,Philip Van Zandt,Keith Richards (II),Willard Robertson,Marvin Jones Darrin Smith,Jack Chapin,Rudy Robles,John Sheehan,Charles Trowbridge,Mary Thomas,Mary Field,Richard Loo,Earle Tex Harris,Hillary Brooke,Patti McCarty,William Forrest,Jack Mulhall,Ivan Miller,Hugh Beaumont,George Nielson,Edward Earle,James Brown (II),Ángel de la Cruz,Anthony Nace,Holly Bane,Frank Faylen,Dane Clark,Alan Hale Jr.