Virtuosity Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline


In a futuristic, high-tech world run by huge corporations, Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) is an L.A. policeman serving time for killing the psychotic who murdered his wife and child. Lindenmeyer (Stephen Spinella), a Dr. Frankenstein of the computer era, has created a monster, Sid 6.7 (Russell Crowe), a virtual reality entity which is programmed with the character traits of scores of mass murderers. Sid 6.7 has escaped the control of its creator and is now running amok. The privatized police force in charge of keeping the peace in the city is run by Elizabeth Deane (Louise Fletcher). Barnes has volunteered to test a new criminal tracking system based on a virtual reality device. His job is to find Sid 6.7, with the help of psychologist Madison Carter (Kelly Lynch). Barnes gets out of prison and reinstated to the police force to pursue his dangerous prey.

Release date: Aug 4, 1995
Production Company: Paramount Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Horror,Mystery & Suspense,Science Fiction & Fantasy

Virtuosity Caste and Crew
Director: Brett Leonard
writer: Eric Bernt
Denzel Washington,Kelly Lynch,Russell Crowe,Stephen Spinella,William Forsythe,Louise Fletcher,William Fichtner,Costas Mandylor,Daniel Anderson,Kevin J. O’Connor,Kaley Cuoco,Christopher Murray,Eric Bernt,Heidi Schanz,Tony Brown,Traci Lords,Shane Dixon,J. Gordon Noice,Mari Morrow,Miracle Unique Vincent,Mara Duronslet,Michael Buffer,Karen Annarino,James M. Halty,Miguel Nájera,Danny Goldring,Randall Fontana,Allen Scotti,Dwayne Chattman,Ed Marques,Cheryl Lawson,John Meier,Kevin Loreque,Eiko Nijo,Gauravani Buchwald,Rolando Molina,Gary Anthony Sturgis,Mic Rodgers,Monica Allison,Susan Mohun,Michael Runyard,Michelle Smith,David Asman,Michael Tamburro,Anthony C. Hall,Amy Smallman,Alanna Ubach,Ahmed Ahmed,Marva Hicks,Juan A. Riojas,Steven R. Barnett,John Walcutt,Michael Buchman Silver,Jordan Marder,Brogan Young,Laura Leigh Hughes,Dustin Nguyen,Tony Winters,Virginia Watson,Beverly Cohen,Margot Hope,Una Damon