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Up the Junction

Based on a popular British novel by Nell Dunn, Up the Junction was a made-for-TV movie in 1965 before being remade for theatrical release in 1968. It features Suzy Kendall as Polly, an upper-class Chelsea girl who decides to relieve her boredom by slumming in a working-class section of London called Battersea. She gets a job in a candy factory and becomes friends with co-workers Rube (Adrienne Posta) and Sylvie (Maureen Lipman), two sisters. Polly takes up with Peter (Dennis Waterman), who dreams of leaving Battersea and becoming rich. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi

Release date: Mar 13, 1968
Production Company: Paramount Studios
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama

Up the Junction Caste and Crew
Director: Peter Collinson,Ken Loach
writer: Nell Dunn,Roger Smith
Suzy Kendall,Dennis Waterman,Adrienne Posta,Maureen Lipman,Michael Gothard,Hylda Baker,Alfie Bass,Linda Cole,Doreen Harrington,Jessie Robins,Barbara Archer,Ruby Head,Susan George,Sandra Williams,Billy Murray,Stephen Wittaker,Shaun Curry,Leslie Meadows,Anthony Sharman,Peter Attard,Douglas Sheldon,Queenie Watts,Olwen Griffith,Lockwood West,Michael Barrington,Mark Ross,Yvonne Manners,Harry Hutchinson,Larry Martyn,Ronald Clarke,Michael Martin,Jack Phillips,Derek Ware,Liz Fraser,Aubrey Morris,Michael Robbins,Michael Standing,Gladys Dawson,Geraldine Sherman,Carol White,Vickery Turner,Tony Selby