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Tunes of Glory

Two excellent actors shine in powerful roles in this drama by Ronald Neame that pits one Scottish army colonel against another. Alec Guinness is Lt. Col. Jock Sinclair, a man who temporarily takes over command of a regiment until his replacement, Col. Basil Barrow (John Mills) arrives. Sinclair comes from the lower echelons of the social order but was at least able to work himself up the echelons in the military hierarchy. He is fairly well-liked though still a little rough around the edges for some. When Barrow takes over, the two men clash almost at once. Barrow is from the upper crust, went to all the “right” schools, and believes in discipline and then a little more discipline, as well as efficient and proper bureaucratic processes. The differences between the two men threaten to rupture the unity of the regiment, especially after Sinclair assaults a soldier he finds in the company of his daughter. Barrow opts to report his behavior, leading to a climactic series of events.

Release date: Dec 20, 1960
Production Company: Criterion Collection
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Classics,Drama,Romance

Tunes of Glory Caste and Crew
Director: Ronald Neame
writer: James Kennaway
Alec Guinness,John Mills,Dennis Price,Susannah York,John Fraser,Kay Walsh,Andrew Downie,Keith Faulkner,Gerald Harper,Gordon Jackson,Richard Leech,Donald Douglas,John Mackenzie,Duncan Macrae,William Marlowe,Peter McEnery,David Webb,Lockwood West,Paul Whitsun-Jones,Percy Herbert,Allan Cuthbertson,William Young,Angus Lennie,John Harvey,Andrew Keir,Richard Rudd,Eric Woodburn,Don Douglas,Jameson Clark,Barry Steele,John Barcroft,John Bown,Gwen Nelson,James Copeland,Mark Burns