Tribute to a Bad Man Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Tribute to a Bad Man

A hard-bitten rancher fights to keep his enormous Colorado spread intact. In order to keep his ranch hands in line and to deter cattle rustles and horse thieves, he frequently devises cruel torments or resorts to hanging. One day he hires a newly arrived Pennsylvania grocery clerk as his newest hand. The greenhorn is appalled by his new employer’s brutal methods. Trouble brews when the rookie cowpoke falls in love with his boss’s love. This was the last western in which actor James Cagney appeared.

Release date: Apr 1, 1956
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Western

Tribute to a Bad Man Caste and Crew
Director: Robert Wise
writer: Michael Blankfort
James Cagney,Don Dubbins,Stephen McNally,Irene Papas,Vic Morrow,James Griffith,Onslow Stevens,James Bell,Jeanette Nolan,Chubby Johnson,Royal Dano,Lee Van Cleef,Peter Chong,James McCallion,Clint Sharp,Carl Pitti,Charles Anthony Hughes,J. Anthony Hughes,Roy Engel,Bud Osborne,John Halloran,Tom London,Dennis Moore,Buddy Roosevelt,Billy Dix