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Tonight and Every Night

Based on a play by Leslie Storm, Tonight and Every Night is a musical wartime morale booster in which star Rita Hayworth is but one of a lively ensemble. Set in battle-scarred Britain, the action takes place in a seedy old music hall, which never misses a performance even at the height of the “blitz”. Five times a day like clockwork, American-born entertainer Rosalind Bruce (Rita Hayworth) and her British cohorts put on a show for their ever-appreciative audiences. Along the way, a romance develops between Rosalind and RAF pilot Paul Lundy (Lee Bowman). Providing excellent support are Janet Blair as the troupe’s plucky ingenue and Broadway alumnus Marc Platt as the entourage’s resident eccentric dancer. The individual numbers are inventively staged, with one scene creatively harnessing the Technicolor process in an eye-popping manner seldom seen in 1940s films. All that Tonight and Every Night lacks is a memorable score, though Rita’s solo number “Anywhere” enjoyed brief hit-parade popularity. Incidentally, one of the chorus girls is a slim-and-trim Shelley Winters!

Release date: Jan 9, 1945
Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Musical & Performing Arts,Romance

Tonight and Every Night Caste and Crew
Director: Victor Saville
writer: Lesser Samuels,Abem Finkel
Lee Bowman,Rita Hayworth,Janet Blair,Leslie Brooks,Professor Lamberti,Dusty Anderson,Stephen Crane,Jim Bannon,Florence Bates,Ernest Cossart,Philip Merivale,Patrick O’Moore,Pat O’Moore,Gavin Muir,Shelley Winters,Marilyn Johnson,Mildred Law,Elizabeth Inglise,Elizabeth Inglis,Aminta Dyne,Joy Harrington,Ann Codee,Cecil Stewart,Dagmar Oakland,Victor Travers,Charles Meakin,Gary Bruce,Fred Graham,Edward Cooper,William E. Lawrence,David Thursby,Jeanne Bates,Robert B. Williams,Patrick Kelly,John Bleifer,Adele Jergens,Tom Bryson,Nigel Horton,W.E. Lawrence,Donald Dewar,P.J. Kelly,Keith Hitchcock,Charles McNaughton,Stuart Nedd,Russell Burroughs,George Kirby,John Heath,Tony Marsh,Richard Woodruff,Richard Deane,Wilson Benge,Nelson Leigh,C. Montague Shaw,Alec Craig,David Clyde,Queenie Leonard,Frank Craven,Sheila Roberts,Billy Bevan,Frank Leigh,Richard Haydn,Marc E. Platt