This Sporting Life Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

This Sporting Life

Adapted by David Storey from his own novel, this drama stars Richard Harris as an athletic coal miner who aspires to the greener pastures of professional rugby. Soon establishing himself as one of the most brutal and arrogant players in the business, Harris begins amassing a fortune.

Release date: Jul 16, 1963
Production Company: Continental
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama

This Sporting Life Caste and Crew
Director: Lindsay Anderson
writer: David Storey
Richard Harris,Rachel Roberts,Alan Badel,William Hartnell,Colin Blakely,Vanda Godsell,Arthur Lowe,Anne Cunningham,Jack Watson,Harry Markham,George Sewell,Leonard Rossiter,Frank Windsor,Peter Duguid,Wallas Eaton,Anthony Woodruff,Katherine Parr,Bernadette Benson,Andrew Nolan,Glenda Jackson,Michael Logan,Murray Evans,Tom Clegg,John Gill,Ken Traill,Lois Sutcliffe Smith