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The Young Lions

Though several concessions to the censors and the box-office were made in adapting Irwin Shaw’s bestseller The Young Lions to the screen, the end result is generally effective and satisfying. Set during World War 2, the film concentrates on three individuals, one German, two American. Marlon Brando plays an idealistic German whose early fascination with Nazism leads to doubt and disillusionment. American entertainer Dean Martin, on the verge of the Big Time, does his best to dodge the draft but ends up in uniform all the same. And American Jew Montgomery Clift, so sensitive that he’s practically breakable, must come to grips with anti-Semitism, not only from the Germans but also from his fellow soldiers. Romance enters the picture in the form of Hope Lange as Clift’s gentile girlfrind, Barbara Rush as the socialite who shames Martin into joining up, and May Britt as Brando’s vis-a-vis. Screenwriter Edward Anhalt was obliged to shoehorn in a boot-camp sequence indicating that the Brass disapproved of the bigoted behavior of Clift’s topkick Lee van Cleef (as if racism was a mere aberration during the 1940s), and to “slightly” alter the ending of the book, in which the embittered but still patriotic Brando character, shouting “Welcome to Germany!,” machine-guns the Martin and Clift characters (in the film, it is Brando who bites the dust, symbolically dying for Hitler’s sins). Maximillian Schell offers a starmaking turn as Brando’s cynical comrade, while an uncredited John Banner, “Sergeant Schultz” on Hogan’s Heroes, shows up as a pompous burgomeister who feigns ignorance of the hellish concentration camp in his community.

Release date: Apr 2, 1958
Production Company: WGBH Boston Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama,Kids & Family

The Young Lions Caste and Crew
Director: Edward Dmytryk
writer: Edward Anhalt
Marlon Brando,Montgomery Clift,Dean Martin,Hope Lange,Barbara Rush,May Britt,Maximilian Schell,Dora Doll,Lee Van Cleef,Liliane Montevecchi,Parley Baer,Arthur Franz,Hal Baylor,Richard Gardner,Herbert Rudley,John Alderson,Sam Gilman,L.Q. Jones,Julian Burton,Vaughan Taylor,Gene Roth,Stephen Bekassy,Ivan Triesault,Clive Morgan,Ashley Cowan,Paul Comi,Michael Pataki,John Gabriel,Kendall Scott,Stan Kamber,Robert Ellenstein,Jeffrey Sayre,Kurt Katch,Milton Frome,Otto Reichow,Robert Burton,Harvey Stephens,Anne Stebbins,Mary Pierce,Ann Codee,Christian Pasques,Doris Wiss,Alfred Tonkel,John Banner,Norbert Schiller,Henry Rowland,Art Reichle,David Dabov,Wade Cagle,Lee Winter,Nicholas T. King,Harry Ellerbe,Craig Karr,Michael Smith,Voltaire Perkins,Carol Ann Daniels,Alberto Morin,George Meader,Joan Douglas,Ed Rickard,Joe Brooks,Hubie Kerns Sr.,Ann Murray Paige