The Viking Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Viking

We are bound on the greatest adventure man has ever known and we do not turn back! Bold Leif Ericsson (Donald Crisp) sets sail from Norway to an unexplored New World. Aboard his ship is a Nordic beauty and an enslaved English lord. Ahead lie thrilling duels, turbulent battles and a passionate love quadrangle. A brawny silent-era epic, The Viking was the first film wholly shot in the improved two-strip Technicolor (R) process. When the industry later adopted the three-strip process, Crisp was still an actor of renown, co-starring in National Velvet, How Green Was My Valley and other popular films. In all, he appeared in or directed nearly 250 films during his remarkable seven-decade career.

Release date: Nov 2, 1928
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama

The Viking Caste and Crew
Director: Roy William Neill
writer: Jack Cunningham
Donald Crisp,Pauline Starke,LeRoy Mason,Anders Randolph,Richard Alexander,Harry Woods,Albert MacQuarrie,Roy Stewart,Torben Meyer,Julia Swayne Gordon