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The Tiger Makes Out

In this comedy, adapted from Murray Schisgal’s one-act play, The Tiger, a New York City postman decides to launch a private crusade against injustice by frightening his strange, dishonest landlords and the corrupt city housing authority. Things come to a head when he kidnaps an innocent suburban housewife and hides her in the apartment his repentant landlords give him. The renegade mailman is quite surprised to learn his hostage holds similar views about society and the two become good friends. He frees her; then to be near her, follows her home. He then sneaks into her boudoir but is accosted by her husband who pursues him back to the city. The would-be rebel is exhausted by his flight; when his landlords invite him over to watch TV and munch fried chicken, he gives up on his crusade and joins them. Keep a sharp eye out for a young Dustin Hoffman as a beatnik lover.

Release date: Sep 18, 1967
Production Company: Columbia Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

The Tiger Makes Out Caste and Crew
Director: Arthur Hiller
writer: Murray Schisgal
Eli Wallach,Anne Jackson,Bob Dishy,Ruth White,John Harkins,Roland Wood,Rae Allen,Sudie Bond,David Burns,Jack Fletcher,Bibi Osterwald,Charles Nelson Reilly,Frances Sternhagen,Elizabeth Wilson,Kim August,Alice Beardsley,Mariclare Costello,David Doyle,Dustin Hoffman,Michele Kesten,Remak Ramsay,Sherman Raskin,James Luisi,John P. Ryan,Edgar Stehli,Oren Stevens