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The Three Caballeros

Three Caballeros is the first Walt Disney feature to combine animation with live action footage. Originally conceived as World War II propaganda promoting good relations between the United States and Latin America, the film details the adventures of Donald Duck as he meets two Latin birds–Jose Carioca and Panchito,–and the three head down to Rio. The film doesn’t have a concrete story, choosing to follow the three animated birds through Latin America, as they sing a number of songs, get into trouble and have a number of very amusing experiences. Filled with achingly funny jokes, good music, and stunning, ground-breaking animation, The Three Caballeros remains extremely entertaining decades after its release. It is one of Disney’s unacknowledged classics.

Release date: Jan 1, 1944
Production Company: Walt Disney Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Animation,Classics,Comedy,Kids & Family

The Three Caballeros Caste and Crew
Director: Norman Ferguson,Clyde Geronimi,Harold Young,Jack Kinney,Bill Roberts,Walt Disney
writer: Elmer Plummer,William Cottrell,Del Connell,Bill Peet,James Bodrero,Ted Sears,Ralph Wright,Homer Brightman
Clarence Nash,Joaquin Garay,Fred Shields,Sterling Holloway,Frank Graham,José Oliveira,Aurora Miranda,Carmen Molina,Dora Luz,Nestor Amarale,Almirante,Trio Calaveras,Padua Hill Players