The Shop On Main Street (Obchod na Korze) Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Shop On Main Street (Obchod na Korze)

The 1965 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film, The Shop on Main Street (Obch o Na Korze) stars Josef Kroner as Tono Briko, a slothful Slovakian carpenter. The time is World War II, and the occupying Nazis are nationalizing all Jewish-owned businesses. To please his ambitious family, Tono takes the job of “Aryan comptroller” for a rundown button shop managed by an elderly Jewish woman (Ida Kaminska). He realizes that his new job won’t bring much in the way of money; the old woman, deaf as a post, realizes nothing, not even that a war is on. The shopkeeper’s Jewish friends, knowing that the woman will be carted off for extermination if she doesn’t have an Aryan coworker, offer to pay Tono if he’ll stay on as her assistant. Kroner and the old woman form a friendship, but when the order goes out that all Jews be rounded up, he panics and prepares to turn her over to the Nazis. His last-minute change of heart unfortunately comes too late. In contrast to the tragic denouement of the film, Shop on Main Street closes on a idyllic, dreamlike sequence, showing the smiling shopkeeper and clerk walking together through the countryside, free from all danger and fear.

Release date: Jan 24, 1966
Production Company: Prominent Films
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Comedy,Drama

The Shop On Main Street (Obchod na Korze) Caste and Crew
Director: Ján Kadár,Elmar Klos
writer: Ján Kadár,Elmar Klos,Ladilsav Grossman
Ida Kaminska,Josef Kroner,Frantisek Zvarík,Hana Slivková,Helena Zvarikov,Helena Zvaríková,Martin Hollý,Martin Gregory,Elmar Klos,Adam Matejka,Mikulas Ladizinsky,Eugen Senaj,Frantisek Papp,Gita Misurova,Luise Grossova,Alojz Kramar,Tibor Vadas,Jozef Króner