The Senator Was Indiscreet Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Senator Was Indiscreet

In this film, a U.S. Senator has political aspirations which he feels have a chance due to his possession of a secret diary that contains dirt on just about every political opponent. When the diary falls into another’s hands, every major political player is placed in a very compromising position.

Release date: Jan 1, 1947
Production Company: Universal
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

The Senator Was Indiscreet Caste and Crew
Director: George S. Kaufman
writer: Charles MacArthur
William Powell,Ella Raines,Peter Lind Hayes,Arleen Whelan,Ray Collins,Allen Jenkins,Charles D. Brown,Hans Conried,Whit Bissell,Norma Varden,Milton Parsons,Francis Pierlot,Cynthia Corley,Oliver Blake,Chief Thundercloud,Chief Yowlachie,Iron Eyes Cody,Boyd Davis,Rodney Bell,Tom Coleman,John Alban,Edward Clark,William Forrest,Douglas Wood,Tom Dugan,George Mann,Claire Carleton,William Vedder,Nina Lunn,John Wald,Vincent Pelletier,Alex Davidoff,Forrest Dickson,Howard Mitchell,Don Wilson,Beatrice Roberts,Martin Garralaga,John Bagni,Leonardo Scavino,William Newell,Billy Bletcher,John K. Butler,John O’Connor,Franklin Parker,Clarence Straight,Mervin Williams,Eddie Coke,Bruce Riley,Ethan Laidlaw,Richard H. Gordon,Walton DeCardo,Watson Downs,Cedric Stevens,Rex Dale,Sven Hugo Borg,John Valentine,Walter Soderling,Jimmy Clark,Russ Whiteman,Mike Stokey,Laura R. Parrish,Dutch Schlickenmeyer,Gene Fowler,Myrna Loy