The Scoundrel Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Scoundrel

This modern “Flying Dutchman” story stars actor/playwright Noel Coward as a class-A heel. Coward uses his position as a powerful publisher to break as many hearts as is humanly possible. When he does his usual hatchet job on poet Julie Haydon, she plants a curse on his head.

Release date: Apr 30, 1935
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Drama

The Scoundrel Caste and Crew
Director: Ben Hecht,Charles MacArthur
writer: Ben Hecht,Charles MacArthur
Noel Coward,Julie Haydon,Stanley Ridges,Martha Sleeper,Rosita Moreno,Hope Williams,Ernest Cossart,Everley Gregg,Eduardo Ciannelli,Helen Strickland,Lionel Stander,Harry Davenport,William Ricciardi,Isabelle Foster,Madame Shushkina,Alexander Woollcott,Richard Bond,Charles MacArthur,Frank Conlan,O.Z. Whitehead,Raymond Bramley,Uhei Hasegawa,Carl Schmidt