The Poppy Is Also a Flower Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Poppy Is Also a Flower

This exciting adventure provides an interesting look into the manufacture and trafficking of opium and heroin. The original story was written by Ian Fleming who died shortly before he was to pen the screenplay. The story is set in Iran and opens as an American undercover agent is murdered in the desert while attempting to buy opium. Two more agents are sent to Teheran to investigate the death and stop the powerful drug ring behind the smuggling. Once there, they run into the dead agent’s girlfriend, who soon after suddenly disappears. Unfortunately, they cannot find her and so focus on their other job. To figure out where the drugs are going (and hopefully get a lead on the missing girl) they steal a bunch of opium and lace it with radioactive tracers so they can track it with Geiger counters. They then follow the drugs as they are slowly dispersed throughout Europe. After many twists, turns and blind alleys, the agents eventually succeed. This film was originally made for TV and contains cameos from many stars who worked for little pay because they strongly supported its anti-drug message. Those stars include Grace Kelly (who introduces the film) Omar Sharif, E.G. Marshall, Eli Wallach, Marcello Mastrioanni, and many more.

Release date: Oct 26, 1966
Production Company: Comet
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

The Poppy Is Also a Flower Caste and Crew
Director: Terence Young
writer: Joe Eisinger
E.G. Marshall,Trevor Howard,Rita Hayworth,Angie Dickinson,Gilbert Roland,Anthony Quayle,Yul Brynner,Eli Wallach,Harold Sakata,Senta Berger,Hugh Griffith,Marcello Mastroianni,Georges Géret,Howard Vernon,Stephen Boyd,Jean Pascal,Jocelyn Lane,Amedeo Nazzari,Jean Pascal Bongard,Omar Sharif,Nadja Tiller,Barry Sullivan,Jack Hawkins,Trini Lopez,Gilda Dahlberg,Sylvia Sorente,Bob Cunningham,Luisa Rivelli,Laya Raki,Marilu Tolu,Violette Marceau,Morteza Kazerouni,Grace Kelly,Ali Oveisi,Bessie Love