The Phenix City Story Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Phenix City Story

Based on a true story and featuring some of the actually people involved, this grim, violent crime drama is set in the title Alabama city that was in 1954 a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah of organized crime, corruption and seamy behavior. The townsfolk, fed up they the tawdriness around them, elect a new attorney general, a man who vows to eradicate the gangsters and their filth. Unfortunately, the mobsters quickly murder the troublesome crusader. Fortunately, the attorney’s straight-arrow son has just returned from the war and is only too happy to fill his late fathter’s shoes. Despite the constant and potentially deadly obstacles presented by the mob, the iron-willed young man stands firm and eventually defeats them. Original versions of Phenix City Story feature a 13-minute preface that featured interviews with the people involved, including the widow of the murdered attorney general. In real life, John Patterson was later elected governor of Alabama, defeating, among others, future presidential candidate George Wallace.

Release date: Aug 14, 1955
Production Company: Allied Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama

The Phenix City Story Caste and Crew
Director: Phil Karlson
writer: Crane Wilbur,Daniel Mainwaring
John McIntire,Richard Kiley,Kathryn Grant,John Larch,Edward Andrews,James Edwards,Lenka Peterson,Biff McGuire,Truman Smith,Jean Carson,Katherine Marlowe,Allen Nourse,Helen Martin,Otto Hulett,George Mitchell,Ma Beachie,James Ed Seymour,Meg Myles,Clete Roberts