The Notorious Landlady Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Notorious Landlady

This uneven farce by director Richard Quine has its hilarious and witty moments as American diplomat William Gridley (Jack Lemmon) inadvertently gets caught up in a jewel theft and mayhem. After William lands in London to take up his new position and get settled in his new digs, he becomes involved with his gorgeous landlady Carlye Hardwicke (Kim Novak). Carlye’s husband is missing, and she is suspected of doing him in. But then he unexpectedly comes back home where an argument with Carlye over some jewels makes him as dead as everyone had assumed — with her wielding the murder weapon. Carlye is eventually acquitted thanks to a witness who has designs on the jewels herself — but the story is far from over. First there is an exciting helicopter ride and a wild chase to decide just who will end up with the loot.

Release date: Jan 1, 1962
Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Drama,Horror,Mystery & Suspense

The Notorious Landlady Caste and Crew
Director: Richard Quine
writer: Larry Gelbart,Blake Edwards
Jack Lemmon,Kim Novak,Fred Astaire,Lionel Jeffries,Estelle Winwood,Maxwell Reed,Philippa Bevans,Henry Daniell,Ronald Long,Doris Lloyd,Richard Peel,Florence Wyatt,Frederic Worlock,Dick Crockett,Scott Davey,Jack Livesey,Tom Dillon,Benno Schneider,Clive Halliday,Anthony Eustrel,Carter DeHaven Sr.,David Hughes,Nelson Welch,Cecil Weston,Thomas P. Dillon,Mavis Neal,Cicely Walper,Queenie Leonard,Betty Fairfax,Clive Morgan,Julie Scott Edwards,David Hilary Hughes,Eric Micklewood,Mark Burke,Ottola Nesmith,Milton Parsons,Bru Mysak,Iris Bristol,Ross Brown,Gwendolyn Watts,James Logan,Bryan Herbert,Michael St. Clair,Mary Scott,Tudor Owen,Tom Symonds,Laurence Conroy,Barry Bernard,Mary O’Brady,Towyna Thomas,Harold Innocent,Marjorie Bennett,Alex Finlayson,Jackson Halliday,Ogden Dangerfield,Joe Palma,Jacqueline Squire,Brian Gaffikin,George Pelling,John Uhler Lemmon II