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The Money Trap

In this well-regarded film noir thriller, Joe Barron (Glenn Ford) is a police detective whose wife Lisa (Elke Sommer) has inherited a stock portfolio from her father. Joe and Lisa go on a spending spree, but when their new holdings fail to pay dividends, Joe finds himself deep in debt. Dr. Horace Van Tilden (Joseph Cotten), a rich doctor who caters to high-society clientele, shoots an intruder in his home, and Joe is assigned to investigate; Joe discovers that Van Tilden has a lucrative sideline selling drugs, and that the shooting victim was actually an addict looking for dope. When Joe learns that Van Tilden keeps his drug money in a safe at home, he sees a way to finally pay off his debts, but his partner, Pete Delanos (Ricardo Montalban), gets wind of Joe’s scheme and demands a cut of the action. Matters become more complicated for Joe when he learns that the man Van Tilden shot was married to Rosalie (Rita Hayworth), whom he loved many years ago. The Money Trap was directed by Burt Kennedy, who was best known for his witty and unconventional westerns.

Release date: Feb 2, 1966
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Mystery & Suspense

The Money Trap Caste and Crew
Director: Burt Kennedy
writer: Walter Bernstein
Glenn Ford,Rita Hayworth,Elke Sommer,Joseph Cotten,Ricardo Montalban,Tom Reese,James Mitchum,Argentina Brunetti,Fred Essler,Eugene Iglesias,Teri Lynn Sandoval,Bill McLean,Parley Baer,Robert S. Anderson,Than Wyenn,Ted de Corsia,Helena Nash,Marya Stevens,Carlita Martin,Stacy King,Fred Scheweiller,Ward Wood,William Campbell,Walter Reed,Budd Landreth,Paul Todd,Herman Boden,George Sawaya,Jo Summers,Stacy Harris,Cleo Tibbs,Sallie Dornan