The Man Called Flintstone Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Man Called Flintstone

The animated stars of TV’s The Flintstones make the leap to the big screen in this spoof of the spy genre. Because Fred Flintstone (voiced by Alan Reed Sr.) is the identical double of secret agent Rock Slag, he is enlisted by the Stone Age Secret Service to take over for Slag when the spy is injured. As a result, Fred, his wife Wilma (Jean vanDer Pyl), and their friends Barney (Mel Blanc) and Betty Rubble (Gerry Johnson) are sent to Paris, where Fred is ordered to find the head of the criminal organization SMIRK, the Green Goose. After following the Goose’s trail to Rome, Fred and Barney are captured by the arch-villain, where it’s up to Rock Slag to save the day.

Release date: Aug 3, 1966
Production Company: Turner Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Animation,Comedy,Kids & Family

The Man Called Flintstone Caste and Crew
Director: Joseph Barbera,William Hanna
writer: Harvey Bullock,Ray Saffian Allen,R.S. Allen
Alan Reed Sr.,Mel Blanc,Jean Vander Pyl,Gerry Johnson,Don Messick,Janet Waldo,Paul H. Frees,Harvey Korman,John Stephenson,June Foray