The Joker Is Wild Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Joker Is Wild

Frank Sinatra offers one of his better performances as the troubled but popular 1920s-era Chicago nightclub singer and comic Joe E. Lewis in this tuneful biopic. Joe’s career as a singer is going fine until he derails it all by politely refusing to do a gig at a rival club. Unfortunately, that club is run by Al Capone and he doesn’t like to see his offers refused and so sends out his boys to teach Lewis a lesson. They catch him and slit his throat. Lewis survives, but during the trauma his vocal cords were almost destroyed and he can no longer sing. Once healed, Lewis works on becoming a comedian and thanks to the help of Sophie Tucker succeeds. Along the way, he falls in love with a socialite and a chorus girl. He marries the latter, but secretly loves the socialite. Despite his success at work, Lewis becomes despondent and eases his pain with plenty of alcohol. As his drinking increases, the quality of his patter diminishes, but still he remains popular but only because he is an entertainingly pathetic and obnoxious drunk. When he takes his act home once too often, his disgusted wife takes a powder, as does his best friend who can no longer stand by and watch Lewis destroy himself. Fortunately, Lewis bottoms out soon afterward, quits the booze and opts for making amends to those he most loves.

Release date: Jan 1, 1957
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Musical & Performing Arts

The Joker Is Wild Caste and Crew
Director: Charles Vidor
writer: Oscar Saul
Frank Sinatra,Mitzi Gaynor,Jeanne Crain,Eddie Albert,Beverly Garland,Jackie Coogan,Barry Kelley,Ted de Corsia,Leonard Graves,Valerie Allen,Hank Henry,Harold Huber,Ned Glass,Ned Wever,Walter Woolf King,John Harding,Sid Melton,Wally Brown,Don Beddoe,Mary Treen,Sophie Tucker,Paul Gary,Billy Snyder,Joe Dante,Ralph Montgomery,Bill Hickman,Paul Salata,Frank Mills,Eric Alden,Eric Wilton,Ruby Fleming,Mabel Rea,Dick Elliott,Lucy Knoch,William Pullen,Oliver McGowan,Ted Offenbecker,James Cavanaugh,Harriette Tarler,Paula Hill,George Offerman Jr.,Jimmy Cross,Kit Guard,John Benson,Dennis McMullen,David Seigel,Robert Asquith,Larry Knight,Arturo Petterino,Paul Bryar,Billie Bird,Ned LeFevre,Bill Baldwin,Martín Rejtman/Federico León,Russ Bender,Arthur Lewis