The Iron Petticoat Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Iron Petticoat

The basic plot for the frothy romantic comedy Ninotchka is revamped and updated to reflect the Cold War in this comedy that stars Bob Hope as an Army major assigned to “westernize” Katharine Hepburn who plays a dour Russian pilot who has defected to the American embassy in Berlin after having an argument with her superiors. The joke is that even as Hope tries to convert her to his philosophies, she is trying to convert him to hers and somewhere in the midst of the ensuing conflict a romance begins to bloom.

Release date: Jan 7, 1957
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Romance

The Iron Petticoat Caste and Crew
Director: Ralph Thomas
writer: Ben Hecht
Katharine Hepburn,Bob Hope,James Robertson Justice,David Kossoff,Robert Helpmann,Alan Gifford,Paul Carpenter,Noelle Middleton,Nicholas Phipps,Sidney James,Alexander Gauge,Doris Goddard,Tutte Lemkow,Sandra Dorne,Richard Wattis,Maria Antippas,Martin Boddey,Alexis Chesnakov,Eugene Deckers,Richard Leech,Olaf Pooley