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The Great Escape

Based on the book by Paul Brickhill, The Great Escape is the true story of Allied prisoners plotting to break out of Nazi detention camp. Bartlett (Richard Attenborough) is the British officer who masterminds the escape. Out of 250 prisoners, only 76 manage to escape, and the number soon dwindles to two dozen. Hilts (Steve McQueen) and company must get through Nazi occupied territory, which is the premise for most of the film. McQueen rides a motorcycle through heavy gunfire in a spectacular action sequence to avoid certain death at the hands of the enemy. James Garner, Donald Pleasence, Charles Bronson and James Coburn also star in this exciting, suspenseful action adventure. Although he had appeared in other previous film, this is the one that brought superstar status to Steve McQueen. The handsome, brooding actor performed all his own stunts in the action sequences in the type of action adventure film that became McQueen’s trademark.

Release date: Jul 4, 1963
Production Company: United Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama

The Great Escape Caste and Crew
Director: John Sturges
writer: James Clavell,W.R. Burnett
Steve McQueen,James Garner,Richard Attenborough,James Donald,Charles Bronson,Donald Pleasence,James Coburn,David McCallum,Gordon Jackson,John Leyton,Angus Lennie,Nigel Stock,Jud Taylor,William Russell,Robert Desmond,Tom Adams,Lawrence Montaigne,Hannes Messemer,Robert Graf,Harry Riebauer,Hans Reiser,Robert Freitag,Heinz Weiss,Til Kiwe,Ulrich Beiger,George Mikell,Karl Otto Alberty