The Girl in Gold Boots Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Girl in Gold Boots

This swinging 1960s musical chronicles the adventures of a free-wheeling draft dodger who teams up with a biker and his movie-star-wannabe girlfriend and heads for Tinseltown. Once there, the biker goes to meet his go-go girl sister and her boss at the local disco.

Release date: Apr 25, 1968
Production Company: Geneni Film Distributing Company
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Musical & Performing Arts

The Girl in Gold Boots Caste and Crew
Director: Ted V. Mikels
writer: John T. Wilson,Arthur A. Names,L. Leighton Peatmen
Leslie McRae,Tom Pace,Jody Daniels,Bara Byrnes,Mark Herron,William Bagdad,Victor Izay,Harry Lovejoy,James Victor,Rod Wilmoth,Chris Howard,Mike Garrison,Michael Derrick,Sheila Roberts,Duke Graham,Jerry Ambler,Anne McAnn,Genji,Rafael Campos