The Gambler and the Lady Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Gambler and the Lady

In this crime drama, an avaricious, successful gambler is not content with fabulous wealth and aspires to become a member of the British nobility after he falls in love with one of the country’s more prominent blue-blooded women. Unfortunately, to have her, he must mend his ways. He then dumps his girl friend, a nightclub singer who becomes murderously jealous. He must also deal with the mobsters who try to take over his clubs.

Release date: Dec 26, 1952
Production Company: VCI
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Mystery & Suspense

The Gambler and the Lady Caste and Crew
Director: Sam Newfield,Pat Jenkins
writer: Sam Newfield
Dane Clark,Kathleen Byron,Naomi Chance,Meredith Edwards,Anthony Forwood,Eric Pohlmann,Julian Somers,Anthony Ireland,Enzo Cottichia,Thomas Gallagher,Max Bacon,Jane Griffiths,Percy Marmont,Eric Boon,Mona Washbourne,Richard Shaw,George Pastell,Martin Benson,Felix Osmond,Robert A’Dair,Mark Singleton,Peter Hutton,Andre Mikhelson,Paul Sheridan,Robert Brown,David Keir,Irissa Cooper,Laurie Taylor