The Falcon Strikes Back Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Falcon Strikes Back

Tom Conway makes his second appearance as amateur sleuth Tom Lawrence, aka “The Falcon”, in RKO Radio’s The Falcon Strikes Back. Framed for the theft of valuable war bonds, Lawrence hides out at a country resort. Here he discovers that Mia Bruger (Rita Corday), who engineered the frame, has been murdered by persons unknown. Snooping around a bit, Lawrence uncovers an insidious and widespred war-bond racket. The revelation of the murderer’s identity will come as a jolt to fans of old 2-reel comedies. Atmospherically directed by Edward Dmytryk (who obviously had his eye on bigger projects), The Falcon Strikes Back costars Harriet Hilliard, better known to TV fans as Mrs. Ozzie Nelson. As a bonus, there’s a plug for Walt Disney, who was then releasing his product through RKO.

Release date: Apr 1, 1943
Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama,Mystery & Suspense

The Falcon Strikes Back Caste and Crew
Director: Edward Dmytryk
writer: Edward Dein,Michael Arlen Davis,Gerald Geraghty
Tom Conway,Harriet Nelson,Jane Randolph,Rita Corday,Edgar Kennedy,Cliff Edwards,Erford Gage,Wynne Gibson,Richard Loo,André Charlot,Cliff Clark,Edward Gargan,Byron Foulger,Frank Faylen,Jack Norton,Joan Barclay