The Falcon in Hollywood Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

The Falcon in Hollywood

In this entry in the “Falcon” series of mysteries, the suave investigator goes on vacation in Hollywood and ends up solving the murder of an actor whose wife, a studio fashion designer, was having an affair with a director. Much of the film was shot on the RKO studio back lot.

Release date: Dec 8, 1944
Production Company: RKO Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

The Falcon in Hollywood Caste and Crew
Director: Gordon Douglas
writer: Gerald Geraghty
Tom Conway,Barbara Hale,Veda Ann Borg,John Abbott,Rita Corday,Jean Brooks,Konstantin Shayne,Emory Parnell,Frank Jenks,Sheldon Leonard,Walter Soderling,Yussuf Ali,Carl Kent,Gwen Crawford,Patti Brill,Bryant Washburn,Sammy Blum,Nora Marlowe,Jim Jordan,Chris Drake,Harry De Vere,Jimmy Jordan,Perc Launders,Jacques Lory,Nancy Marlowe,Wheaton Chambers,Bert Moorhouse,Chester Clute,Chili Williams,Margie Stewart,Greta Christiansen,Robert Clarke