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The Broadway Melody

This landmark MGM backstage musical of the early sound era about broken dreams on the Great White Way features a bevy of standards by the songwriting team of Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown. Freed later became unit producer of the legendary Freed Unit at MGM, which is the reason many of the tunes from Broadway Melody –“”You Were Meant For Me””, “Broadway Melody”, “”The Wedding of the Painted Doll””– later appeared in Freed’s seminal MGM musical Singin’ in the Rain. The nominal story concerns midwestern sister act The Mahoney Sisters –Queenie (Anita Page) and Hank (Bessie Love)– who come to New York to try to make it big on Broadway. Hank’s song-and-dance man boyfriend Eddie (Charles King) has promised the gals a part in the new Broadway revue in which he is soon to appear. When Hank and Queenie come to see him, Hank is pleasantly surprised at the way Queenie has filled out. Soon enough, Eddie is making advances to Queenie. Queenie is attracted to Eddie too, but she doesn’t want to steal her sister’s boyfriend. So she Queenie takes up with a lecherous playboy, leaving it to Hank to put all the confused love relationships in perspective. ~Rovi

Release date: Feb 1, 1929
Production Company: MGM Home Entertainment
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Musical & Performing Arts,Romance

The Broadway Melody Caste and Crew
Director: Harry Beaumont
writer: James Gleason,Norman Houston,Sarah Y. Mason
Anita Page,Bessie Love,Charles King,Jed Prouty,Ken Thomson,Edward Dillon,Mary Doran,J. Emmett Beck,Marshall Ruth,J.E. Beck,Drew Demarest,Eddie Kane,Nacio Herb Brown,Ray Cooke,James Gleason,Charles King Bibby,Angella Mawby,Claudine Mawby,Claudette Mawby