That Man From Rio Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

That Man From Rio

An eight-day pass, a kidnapping, and a greedy group of South American Indians provide the basic ingredients of this madcap adventure. A French air force pilot has the pass and plans to use it to see his girl friend in Paris. He gets there just in time to see a gang of South American Indians, who believe the girl knows the location of a set of statues that can pinpoint the location of a fabulous jungle treasure, kidnapping her. He follows them to the Brazilian jungle and many riotous adventures ensue. Eventually the lovers manage to escape and return to France just before the pilot’s pass expires.

Release date: Feb 5, 1964
Production Company: United Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Art House & International,Comedy,Drama,Romance

That Man From Rio Caste and Crew
Director: Philippe de Broca
writer: Jean-Paul Rappeneau,Ariane Mnouchkine,Philippe de Broca,Daniel Boulanger
Jean-Paul Belmondo,Françoise Dorléac,Jean Servais,Adolfo Celi,Simone Renant,Milton Ribeiro,Ubiracy de Oliveira,Daniel Ceccaldi,Roger Dumas,Sabu do Brasil