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Summer and Smoke

Alma (Geraldine Page) is the sexually repressed, neurotic minister’s daughter in a small Mississippi town. She loves her neighbor Dr. John Buchanan (Laurence Harvey), whose father is also a physician (John MacIntire). Father and son have different approaches in medical philosophy. John, who considers Alma to be only a lifelong friend, has eyes for the dance hall girl Rosa (Rita Moreno). Alma takes John to the dance hall in an effort to get closer, but she runs off when he makes a pass at her. John becomes engaged to Rosa, throwing a party at home when his father is out of town. A jealous Alma calls the elder Dr. Buchanan and informs him of the wild party commencing in his absence. Tragedy ensues when the two future fathers-in-law quarrel a the scene of the revelry. Alma takes comfort in the arms of a traveling salesman she meets in the park. In her efforts to find love, she is oblivious to unhappiness left in the wake of her disturbing behavior. This film of the Tennessee William’s play comes nine years after the Broadway stage production. Una Merkel was nominated for best supporting actress for her role as John Buchanan’s mother. Page was nominated for best actress, and Elmer Bernstein’s musical score was also nominated.

Release date: Nov 16, 1961
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Romance

Summer and Smoke Caste and Crew
Director: Peter Glenville
writer: James Poe,Meade Roberts
Geraldine Page,Laurence Harvey,John McIntire,Rita Moreno,Una Merkel,Thomas Gomez,Pamela Tiffin,Malcolm Atterbury,Lee Patrick,Max Showalter,Earl Holliman,Harry Shannon,Pattee Chapman,Jester Hairston,Pepe Hern,Elektra Rozanska,Dick Ryan,Winnie Chandler,Linda Knutson,Robert G. Slade,Rico Alaniz,John Frank,Marjorie Bennett,Susan Roberts,Pamela Duncan,Maggie Blye,Charles Watts,Cheryl Anderson,Almira Sessions