Souls for Sale Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Souls for Sale

A woman leaves her dishonest husband at a desert train station. Remember Stedden (Eleanor Broadman) comes across a film crew busily involve in production. Actor Tom Holby (Frank Mayo) and director Frank Claymore (Richard Dix) befriend the woman and bring her back to Hollywood. Remember balks at taking a scree test when she recall the lurid rumors surrounding the film industry. She is given a tour of several studios and witnesses actual scenes of Greed being directed by Eric von Stroheim. Her views of the industry change and the screen test leads to stardom. The jilted husband discovers her location and tries to kill her. Remember discovers he is an opportunist who has married several times and his wives have all died mysteriously. Frank battles the villain to protect his new star from death. Barbara LaMarr, Charlie Chaplin, ZaSu Pitts, Lew Cody, and dozens of other stars of the time make cameo appearances. This inside look at the film industry came after several highly publicized scandals painted Hollywood as an immoral cesspool obsessed with sex, drugs, alcohol and murder. The feature served as damage control to the industry much maligned by the public.

Release date: Apr 22, 1923
Production Company: Warner Bros.
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Souls for Sale Caste and Crew
Director: Robert Hughes,Rupert Hughes
writer: Robert Hughes,Rupert Hughes
Eleanor Boardman,Mae Busch,Barbara La Marr,Richard Dix,Frank Mayo,Lew Cody,Arthur Hoyt,David Imboden,Roy Atwell,William Orlamond,Forrest Robinson,Edith Yorke,William Haines,George Morgan,Dale Fuller,Snitz Edwards,Leo Willis,Yale Boss,Walter Perry,Rush Hughes,Aileen Pringle,Eve Southern,Sylvia Ashton,Fred Kelsey,L.J. O’Connor,Jed Prouty,Charles Murphy,Mabel Ballin,Hugo Ballin,T. Roy Barnes,Barbara Bedford,Hobart Bosworth,Charles Chaplin,Chester Conklin,William H. Crane,Elliott Dexter,Robert Edeson,Claude Gillingwater,Dagmar Godowsky,Raymond Griffith,Elaine Hammerstein,Alice Lake,Bessie Love,June Mathis,Patsy Ruth Miller,Marshall Neilan,Fred Niblo,Anna Q. Nilsson,Zasu Pitts,John St. Polis,Milton Sills,Blanche Sweet,Florence Vidor,King Vidor,Erich von Stroheim,George Walsh,Kathlyn Williams,Claire Windsor