Side Street Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Side Street

Farley Granger plays a casually larcenous New York City mailman who steals a shipment of money. Granger’s excitement over this windfall turns to terror when he discovers that the money was part of a transaction between gangsters. Harassed by both crooks and cops, Granger lives to regret his impulsive theft–especially when it is tied in with a murder. The story is wrapped up in spectacular fashion with a climactic car chase. Farley Granger’s costar in Side Street is Cathy O’Donnell; both were on loan to MGM from Samuel Goldwyn, and both were banking on their previous successful teaming in RKO’s They Live By Night.

Release date: Mar 23, 1950
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama

Side Street Caste and Crew
Director: Anthony Mann
writer: Sydney Boehm
Farley Granger,Cathy O’Donnell,Paul Kelly,James Craig,Edmon Ryan,Paul Harvey,Jean Hagen,Charles McGraw,Edwin Max,Adele Jergens,Harry Bellaver,Whit Bissell,John Gallaudet,Esther Somers,Harry Antrim,Gail Bonney,George Tyne,Kathryn Givney,King Donovan,Norman Leavitt,Sid Tomack,Joe Verdi,Dan Terranova,James Westerfield,Brett King,Peter Thompson,John K. Butler,Herb Vigran,Robert Malcolm Young,Paul Marion,Marjorie Liszt,Ransom Sherman,Ruth Warren,Eula Guy,Edmund Glover,William Hansen,John Maxwell,Tom McElhany,Jack Diamond,George David,Don Haggerty,Mildred Wall,Ollie O’Toole,Angi O. Poulos,Alberto Morin,W.P. McWatters,William H. Ruhl,Peter DeBear,Bee Humphries,Sarah Selby,Margaret Brayton,Charles McAvoy,George Lynn,Nolan Leary,Ralph Riggs,Ben Cooper,Marie Crisis,Lynne Millan,David Wolfe,Ralph Montgomery,Minerva Urecal,Walter Craig,Helen Eby-Rock,Frank Conlon,John Phillips,Ellen Lowe,James O’Neill