Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

There are those who consider Sherlock Holmes Faces Death to be the best of Universal’s Holmes series, though others hold out for 1944’s The Scarlet Claw. Based loosely on Conan Doyle’s The Musgrave Ritual, the plot finds Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Watson (Nigel Bruce) being summoned to the Musgrave estate when several mysterious murders occur. By the time the mystery is solved, Sally Musgrave (Hillary Brooke), young mistress of the estate, has decided to donate her property to “the people” as part of the war effort, cuing another of Holmes’ patriotic curtain speeches. The best moment occurs when Holmes suddenly realizes that the floor of Musgrave castle resembles a huge chess board — a clue vital to the ultimate solution of the case. Peter Lawford shows up unbilled as an inebriated sailor.

Release date: Sep 17, 1943
Production Company: Universal Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Horror,Mystery & Suspense

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Caste and Crew
Director: Roy William Neill
writer: Bertram Millhauser
Basil Rathbone,Nigel Bruce,Hillary Brooke,Milburn Stone,Dennis Hoey,Arthur Margetson,Halliwell Hobbes,Minna Phillips,Gavin Muir,Gerald Hamer,Vernon P. Downing,Olaf Hytten,Heather Wilde,Frederic Worlock,Evelyn Ankers,Peter Lawford,Harold De Becker,Mary Gordon,Holmes Herbert,Norma Varden,Ian Wolfe