Selena Gomez Featured in BLACKPINK – ‘Ice Cream’ Song

In festivity of her forthcoming “Ice Cream” coordinated effort with Blackpink, Chef Selena Gomez has put a sweet contort on an exemplary frozen yogurt flavor. The Cookies and Cream Remix frozen yogurt, made in association with Serendipity Brands, is a blend of pink vanilla frozen yogurt, treat pieces, and gooey gobs of Moose Tracks chocolate fudge. “In this way, fundamentally, it’s paradise,” Selena said in a promotion video on her Instagram acquainting the new flavor with the world.

“For the Cookies and Cream remix, I needed to put my very own turn on this great flavor by making it with pink vanilla frozen yogurt as a gesture to my young ladies BLACKPINK and commend our new melody ‘Frozen yogurt,'” Selena included an official statement. The play on Blackpink’s name with the pink frozen yogurt and dim treat pieces is certainly fun, however I’m going to skirt the “eating with my eyes” bit and go directly to delving in with the greatest spoon I can discover once I get my hands on a 16 ounces.

Treats and Cream Remix will be accessible starting Aug. 28 for $6 per half quart in markets, accommodation stores, and other food retailers across the country. The solidified sweet will likewise be accessible online at Meanwhile, perceive how Selena changes the new flavor into a delectable glancing chocolate dessert in an Instagram Reel ahead, and take a look at what it’d resemble if Selena had her own frozen yogurt truck.

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