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Scene of the Crime

The Dore Schary regime at MGM brought a much-needed dose of stark realism to the venerable studio. Van Johnson sheds his boy-next-door image to play L.A. plainclothes lieutenant Mike Conovan. Determined to bring a cop killer to justice, Conovan will let no man stand in his way — not even his level-headed superiors. The detective’s single-purposed pursuit causes a rift in his marriage to wife Gloria (Arlene Dahl). The film comes very close to the Dragnet school of unadorned, unglamorized police procedure: it adheres to standard MGM formula only in the final reconciliation scene. Officially a Harry Rapf production, Scene of the Crime was completed by another producer when Rapf died during filming.

Release date: Jul 28, 1949
Production Company: Warner Home Video
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Scene of the Crime Caste and Crew
Director: Roy Rowland
writer: Charles Schnee
Van Johnson,Arlene Dahl,Gloria de Haven,Tom Drake,Leon Ames,John McIntire,Norman Lloyd,Donald Woods,Richard Benedict,Anthony Caruso,Tom Powers,Jerome Cowan,Mickey Kuhn,William Haade,Caleb Peterson,Robert Gist,Romo Vincent,Tom Helmore,Thomas E. Breen,Mary Jane Smith,Bette Arlen,G. Pat Collins,Ray Teal,Don Haggerty,Allen Mathews,John R. McKee,Gregg Barton,Mickey McCardle,James R. Scott,William Tannen,Paul Fierro,Tony Merrill,George Magrill,Ralph Montgomery,Forrest Taylor,Minerva Urecal,Margaret Bert,Charles Wagenheim,Merrill McCormack,Gladys Blake,Victor Paul,Guy Kingsford,Jimmie Dundee,Ray Bennett,Jack Shea,Cameron A. Grant,Jean Carter,Jimmy Dundee,Douglas Carter Beane,Lucille Barkley,Mack Chandler,Fred Mac Murray,William Phipps,Richard Irving,Harris Brown,John Phillips,Wilson Wood,Billy Snyder,Eddie Foster,Zon Murray,Michael Jordan,Michael Barrett,Billy Dix,Jeffrey Sayre,Erin Selwyn,Sam Finn,Charles Regan,Jimmie Dunn,John McKee,Robert Strong,Allan Ray