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Salvatore Giuliano

This crime drama is based on the factual account of Sicilian Mafia don, Salvatore Giuliano. The story begins on July 5, 1950, as Giuliano’s bullet-riddled corpse is found in a bright courtyard. During his wake and funeral, the gangster’s life is chronicled in flashback. He is seen participating in gangster-related guerrilla activities in Sicily after the war. Later he is seen slaughtering a group of peasants at a communist rally. This precipitates a bloody confrontation between his group and the law. In the end, Giuliano is so violent and cruel that his own men desert him. Even his own assistant leaves, but soon the hapless second-in- command is captured and sent to prison where he ends up poisoned by the Mafia, a group he joined after leaving Giuliano. The film was shot entirely in Sicily and utilized local non-professional actors as well as professional actors.

Release date: Feb 28, 1962
Production Company: Criterion Collection
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Drama

Salvatore Giuliano Caste and Crew
Director: Francesco Rosi
writer: Franco Solinas,Suso Cecchi d’Amico,Enzo Provenzale,Francesco Rosi
Max Cartier,Frank Wolff,Ugo Torrente,Federico Zardi,Sennuccio Benelli,Pietro Cammarata,Salvo Randone