Sailor Beware Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Sailor Beware

Sailor Beware is a loose remake of two previous Paramount films, Here Come the Waves and Lady Be Careful (all three films were based on the same 1933 stage play). Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis star as sailors Al Crowther and Melvin Jones, who indulge in all sorts of zany antics while serving Uncle Sam. Al spends most of his time trying to melt down the resistance of “ice princess” Corinne Calvet (playing herself), while poor Melvin is happy just to get through the day. Highlights include a riotous boxing sequence, with puny Melvin pitted against a gargantuan opponent, and an extended parody of radio quiz shows. Like Abbott and Costello before them, Martin and Lewis found it expedient to rely on service comedies during their formative movie-star years: Sailor Beware was filmed after At War With the Army and just before Jumping Jacks. Betty Hutton makes a guest appearance at the beginning and end of the film as an old flame named Hetty Button (sic).

Release date: Jan 31, 1952
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Comedy,Musical & Performing Arts

Sailor Beware Caste and Crew
Director: Hal Walker
writer: Elwood Ullman,John Grant,Martin Rackin,James B. Allardice
Dean Martin,Jerry Lewis,Corinne Calvet,Robert Strauss,Marion Marshall,Leif Erickson,Don Wilson,Vince Edwards,Skip Homeier,Skip Homeler,Dan Barton,Mike Mahoney,Mary Treen,Betty Hutton,Dick Stabile,Donald MacBride,Louis Jean Heydt,Elaine Stewart,Danny Arnold,Drew Cahill,James Flavin,Dan Willis,James Dean,Irene Martin,Mary Murphy,Joseph Darr Smith,Bobby Mayo,Eddie Mayo,Eddie Simms,Marshall Reed,John Close,Jimmie Dundee,Larry McGrath,Richard Emory,Stephen Gregory,Marimba Merrymakers,Richard Karlan,Don Haggerty,Jerry Hausner,Bob Carson,Duke Mitchell,Elaine Riley,Richard Clayton