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Run for the Sun

Filmed in Mexico, Run for the Sun was the second official remake of Richard Connell’s classic suspense yarn The Most Dangerous Game. This time, Trevor Howard stars as Browne, the wealthy hermit who thrives on hunting down human beings like wild animals. As a means of updating the story, Howard is transformed into a British traitor, hiding in the Mexican jungle with his wartime compatriots, Nazis Van Anders (Peter Van Eyck) and Jan (Carlos Henning). When their plane is forced to land in Browne’s domain, Mike Latimer (Richard Widmark) and Katy Conners (Jane Greer) are captured by the villains. Browne offers his captives an hour’s head-start to freedom, then sics his hunting dogs on the hapless pair. The rest of the film details the strenuous efforts by Latimer and Conners to escape with their lives.

Release date: Jul 30, 1956
Production Company: United Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Action & Adventure,Classics,Drama

Run for the Sun Caste and Crew
Director: Roy Boulting
writer: Roy Boulting,Dudley Nichols
Richard Widmark,Trevor Howard,Peter van Eyck,Jane Greer,Carlos Henning,Juan García,Margarito Luna,Jose Chavez Trowe,Guillermo Talles,Guillermo Bravo Sosa,Enandine Diaz de Leon,José Antonio Carbajal,Jose Chavez,Enedina Díaz de León