Riot on Sunset Strip Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Riot on Sunset Strip

In this drama, set during the riots of the mid-1960s, an L.A. police sergeant sets a curfew to discourage the hippie youths from hanging out on the Strip. However, the cop thinks that the kids have rights, until he discovers that his estranged daughter has joined the counter-culture crowd.

Release date: Jan 1, 1967
Production Company: American International Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Drama

Riot on Sunset Strip Caste and Crew
Director: Arthur Dreifuss
writer: Orville H. Hampton
Mimsy Farmer,Aldo Ray,Michaël Evans,Laurie Mock,Tim Rooney,Gene Kirkwood,Hortense Petra,Anna Mizrahi,Schuyler Hayden,Dick Winslow,Bill Baldwin,Tony Benson,Jim Lefebvre,Al Ferrara,Pat Renella,Forrest Lewis,George E. Carey,Frank Alesia,Deborah Travis,John Hart