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Return to Peyton Place

If anything, this star-studded sequel is even sillier than the original, adding to its problems by completely recasting all the roles, combining several of them into existing characters. Carol Lynley is the heroine this time, and she leaves Peyton Place for New York to write a book about the hypocrisy of her hometown. The book causes lots of trouble back home, getting Mike (Robert Sterling) fired as principal, angering Lynley’s mother (Eleanor Parker), and stirring such horrible memories in Selena (Tuesday Weld) that she brains her new boyfriend with a fireplace poker, thinking he is her dead rapist stepfather. The film really belongs to Mary Astor, in a hilarious turn as a smotheringly possessive mother. She tries to come between her son and his new bride (Luciana Paluzzi) in some unintentionally hilarious scenes, causing Paluzzi to fling herself down a ski slope in an attempt at a self-induced miscarriage. Overwrought and overblown, the film is still a treat for fans of campy “suburban sin” melodramas. Look for Bob Crane as an unctuous talk show sidekick. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

Release date: May 5, 1961
Production Company: Fox
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama

Return to Peyton Place Caste and Crew
Director: José Ferrer
writer: Ronald Alexander
Carol Lynley,Jeff Chandler,Eleanor Parker,Mary Astor,Robert Sterling,Luciana Paluzzi,Tuesday Weld,Brett Halsey,Gunnar Hellstrom,Kenneth MacDonald,Joan Banks,Bob Crane,Bill Bradley,Tim Durant,Max Showalter,Pitt Herbert,Warren Parker,Arthur Peterson,Jennifer Howard,Emerson Treacy,Wilton Graff,Laura McCann,Hari Rhodes,Hari,Leonard Stone,Alex Dunand,Jack Carr,Reedy Talton,Tony Miller,Max Mellinger,Collette Lyons,Charles Seel,Carol Veazie,Helen Bennett