Rasputin, the Mad Monk Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Rasputin, the Mad Monk

The life story of the legendary Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin gets the highly fictionalized Hammer Films treatment with this liberal mix of horror and history that presents the mysterious sage as a demonic, otherworldly creature. Christopher Lee stars as the titular monk, who gains entrée to the world of the tsar by casting a hypnotic spell on two courtiers, Dr. Zargo (Richard Pasco) and the beautiful Sonia (Barbara Shelley). Becoming a trusted aide and confidant of the tsarina (Renee Ashershon), Rasputin threatens the national power structure. After Sonia kills herself, Zargo resolves to kill the interloper, but stabbing, poisoning, and even bullets don’t seem to be able to kill the diabolical Rasputin.

Release date: Apr 6, 1966
Production Company: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Art House & International,Drama,Horror

Rasputin, the Mad Monk Caste and Crew
Director: Don Sharp
writer: Anthony Hinds,John Elder
Christopher Lee,Barbara Shelley,Richard Pasco,Francis Matthews,Suzan Farmer,Suzanne Farmer,Nicholas Pennell,Renée Ashershon,Dinsdale Landen,Renée Asherson,Derek Francis,Alan Tilvern,Joss Ackland,John Welsh,Robert Duncan,John Bailey