Priyanka Chopra’s Secret Makeup Artist is Her Her 3-Year-Old Niece

Priyanka is now a global celeb originating from India and become miss universe, Now we know why

Look at the adorable pic on her Instagram that shows how’s she still connected with her family

That’s Met Gala Look for her by her 3 year old niece

“First Monday in May,” she inscribed the photographs. “The current year’s topic: Pretty Princess.” The photographs show Krishna setting a plastic tiara on Chopra’s head and putting eyeliner, metallic gold eyeshadow, and lipstick all over, and we sincerely can’t state that the Met Gala isn’t typically insane enough for this look to really work.

The current year’s Met Gala occasion, which was themed About Time: Fashion and Duration, was delayed because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Rather than hitting the honorary pathway this year, Chopra hung out at home with her family, as did the many different big names who would’ve been flaunting their over-the-top gatherings at the occasion too. We might not have had numerous extreme excellence hopes to take motivation from, however, this is a really decent other option.

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