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Portrait in Black

Wanting to be free of her crippled husband but not his enormous fortune, a glamorous wife talks her lover, who is also her spouse’s personal physician, into injecting poison into the ailing industrialist. This crime melodrama chronicles the chain of events that leads to the murderous lovers’ downfall. Though they successfully offed the husband, the two are not allowed to enjoy their new wealth and happiness for a letter sent to the wife reveals that someone knows about the crime. Believing that the anonymous author is her late-husbands investment advisor, the wife and her lover quickly dispatch him. When his body later turns up, another is blamed with the crime. Unfortunately, the villainous twosome, the accused is to marry the granddaughter of the deceased tycoon. Matters don’t improve when the doctor/lover’s conscience flares up and he decides to confess.

Release date: Jul 27, 1960
Production Company: Universal
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Portrait in Black Caste and Crew
Director: Michael Gordon
writer: Ivan Goff
Lana Turner,Anthony Quinn,Sandra Dee,John Saxon,Richard Basehart,Lloyd Nolan,Ray Walston,Virginia Grey,Anna May Wong,Dennis Kohler,Paul Birch,John Wengraf,Richard Norris,James Nolan,Jim Nolan,Robert P. Lieb,John McNamara,Charles P. Thompson,George Womack,Henry S. Quan,Elizabeth Chan,Harold Goodwin,Jack Bryan