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Rod Serling’s incisive “gray flannel suit” TV drama created such a sensation when Kraft Television Theatre first aired it live on January 11, 1955 that, in an unprecedented move, it was repeated four weeks later, on February 9, again live. Richard Kiley starred as Fred Staples, a bright young man from Cincinnati brought into the executive pool at a top New York firm by ruthless CEO Ramsey (Everett Sloane). Staples doesn’t know it at first, but he was recruited as the potential replacement for Andy Sloane (Ed Begley), an ailing exec whom Ramsey is easing out in a most unsubtle fashion. Staples takes a liking to Sloane and despises Ramsey’s tactics; the question is: does he despise them enough to throw away the biggest opportunity in his life? Director Fielder Cook, who helmed both TV versions of Patterns, also did the same for the 1956 film version. While Everett Sloane and Ed Begley were carried over from TV, the more “bankable” Van Heflin replaced Kiley as Staples.

Release date: Jan 1, 1956
Production Company: United Artists
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Television

Patterns Caste and Crew
Director: Fielder Cook
writer: Rod Serling
Van Heflin,Ed Begley Sr.,Elizabeth Wilson,Everett Sloane,Beatrice Straight,Joanna Roos,Eleni Kiamos,Shirley Standlee,Ronnie Welsh Jr.,Sally Gracie,Michael Dreyfuss,Adrienne C. Moore,Elaine Kaye,Elene Kiamos,Andrew Duggan,Rod Serling