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Pack Up Your Troubles

Though not a remake of the same-named 1932 Laurel & Hardy comedy, 1939’s Pack Up Your Troubles shares the earlier film’s WWI setting. The Ritz Brothers star as a trio of luckless vaudevillians whose Dutch-dialect comedy act goes over like a lead balloon during the “Hate the Hun” era. Unable to find show-biz work, our heroes join the army, and within a twinkling are assigned to a mule battalion in France. Here they make friends with Collette (Jane Withers), an American girl whose daddy Hugo (Joseph Schildkraut) is an officer in the French army. While performing their Dutch act in a tavern, they are mistaken for Germans by a group of angry Frenchmen. Making their escape in a balloon, the Ritzes land behind enemy lines, where they are lauded as heroes by the German high command. As a result, the boys find themselves in an Allied POW camp, mistaken for German spies! They manage to redeem themselves by taking flight in the balloon once more and capturing a German officer. The opening sequence, wherein the Ritz Brothers audition their routine in a Broadway booking office, is the funniest scene in the picture; after that, things aren’t particularly Ritzy, and it is understandable why Pack Up Your Troubles was the team’s final film for 20th Century-Fox.

Release date: Sep 17, 1932
Production Company: MGM
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Comedy

Pack Up Your Troubles Caste and Crew
Director: Raymond McCarey,George Marshall,Ray McCarey
writer: H.M. Walker
Stan Laurel,Oliver Hardy,Jacquie Lyn,Donald Dillaway,Tom Kennedy,Grady Sutton,Mary Carr,Billy Gilbert,C. Montague Shaw,Muriel Evans,James Finlayson,Al Hallett,W.J. O’Brien,Mary Gordon,Lew Kelly,Chet Brandenburg,Frank Brownlee,George Marshall,Pete Gordon,Frank Rice,James C. Morton,Gene Morgan,Jim Mason,Charles Dorety,Nora Cecil,Cornelius Keefe,Ham Kinsey,Dorothy Layton,Charley Young,Marvin Hatley,Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers,Ben Hendricks Jr.,Pat Harmon,Budd Fine,Frank S. Hagney,Bob O’Connor,Peter Gordon,Charles B. Middleton,Baldwin Cooke,Henry Hall,Robert H. Barrat,Ellinor Vanderveer,Charles D. Hall,Robert E. Homans,George Miller (II),Chet Brandenberg,Bill O’Brien,Richard Tucker,Dick Cramer,Adele Watson,Dick Gilbert