Operation Bikini Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Operation Bikini

This uneven war story concerns an underwater demolition team in the South Pacific. The U. S. Navy sets sail for the Bikini Islands in hopes of destroying Japanese ships. When a radar submarine sinks, the Allies must destroy the sunken sub before the sophisticated equipment falls into enemy hands. Lieutenant Hayes (Tab Hunter) is full speed ahead before being slowed down by an affair with the beautiful native girl Reiko (Eva Six). Frankie Avalon provides a few laughs as Malzone, the Navy regular looking for paradise in the shell-shocked South Seas. Jim Backus plays the chief bosun’s mate who tries to rescue the stranded submarine Captain Carey (Scott Brady).

Release date: Mar 26, 1963
Production Company: American International Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics

Operation Bikini Caste and Crew
Director: Anthony Carras
writer: John Tomerlin
Tab Hunter,Frankie Avalon,Scott Brady,Gary Crosby,Jim Backus,Michael Dante,Jody McCrea,Eva Six,Aki Aleong,David Landfield,Richard Bakalyan,Joe Finnegan,Vernon Scott,Raymond Guth,Tony Scott,Steve Mitchell,Mickey McDermott,Wayne Winton,Duane Ament,Jody Daniels,Marc Cavell,Raynum K. Tsukamoto,Lan Nam Tuttle,Alicia Li,Nancy Dusina,Judy Lewis