Ocean’s 11 Cast, Box Office Collection, Budget, Storyline

Ocean’s 11

During a Los Angeles Christmas, a group of 82nd Airborne vets assembles under the leadership of gamblin’ man Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra) to rip off five Las Vegas casinos just after the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day. Playboy Jimmy Foster (Peter Lawford) joins in the scheme because he’s sick of needing his oft-married mother’s money, especially now that she’s about to wed Duke Santos (Cesar Romero), a self-made man with all sorts of underworld ties. After he receives the news that he could die at any time, newly released convict Anthony Bergdorf (Richard Conte) reluctantly agrees to participate so he can leave some money to his estranged wife and young son. Ocean’s own wife, Beatrice (Angie Dickinson), doesn’t think much of her husband’s promise of a big score to come, but her quiet protests don’t dissuade him. With Las Vegas garbage man and fellow vet Josh Howard (Sammy Davis Jr.) and several casino employees among their number, the titular band of thieves have just a few days to get ready for their caper. When Duke Santos, Jimmy’s mother, and one of Ocean’s discarded paramours all show up in Sin City at the same time as the veterans, the crew’s perfect plans face some serious hurdles. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Release date: Aug 10, 1960
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Comedy,Drama

Ocean’s 11 Caste and Crew
Director: Lewis Milestone
writer: Charles Lederer,Harry Brown
Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin,Sammy Davis Jr.,Peter Lawford,Angie Dickinson,Richard Conte,Cesar Romero,Patrice Wymore,Joey Bishop,Akim Tamiroff,Henry Silva,Ilka Chase,Buddy Lester,Richard Benedict,Jean Willes,Norman Fell,Clem Harvey,Hank Henry,Charles Meredith,Red Skelton,Shirley MacLaine,George Raft,Don ‘Red’ Barry,Murray Alper,Joan Staley,George E. Stone,Richard Sinatra,Harry Drucker,Al Silvani,Anne Neyland,John Eiman,Gary Stafford,H.T. Tsiang,Wesley Gale,David Carlile,Myrna Ross,Norma Yost,Marjorie Bennett,Lew Gallo,Robert Foulk,Louis Quinn,Laura Cornell,John Indrisano,Dick Hudkins,Aldo Silvani,Shiva,Mike Jordan,James Waters,Paul Bryar,Gaylord “Steve” Pendleton,Ronnie Dapo,R. John Slosser,Howard Roth,Perri Bova,James Canino,John Holland,Carmen Phillips,Jay Gerard,Edward Cable,Andy Martin,Edward Warren,Leonard George,David Landfield,Garr Nelson,Robert Bock,Eddie Gomez,Tony DeMilo,Red Norvo,Tom Middleton,Norman Brooks,Sparky Kaye,Hoot Gibson,June Michele,Barbara Sterling,Louise Black,Helen Jay,Forrest Lederer,Rummy Bishop,Gregory Gaye,Ted Otis,Robert “Buddy” Shaw,Jack Santoro,Rex Devereaux,Joe Gallerani,Art Stewart,Bob Whitney,Dave White,John Craven,David Leonard,Nicky Blair,Robert D. Gilbreath,William Justine,Harry Wilson,Nelson Riddle