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Nora Prentiss

In this slick melodrama, a sort of film-noir for women, a nightclub singer has an affair with an unhappily married San Francisco doctor. Though the physician desperately wants to leave his wife, he lacks the courage to ask for a divorce. In retaliation, the singer accepts an offer to move East and start up a new club in New York. Lost without the singer, the doctor is without option until his partner suddenly dies. With a burst of inspiration, he fakes his own death and flees to New York. Later, he is horrified to learn that his death has been officially declared a homicide, and so he goes into hiding in the singer’s apartment. To cope with his fear and the increasing success of his lover, the physician begins drinking heavily. This only makes him paranoid and more depressed and he begins to suspect his lover is having an affair. Upon confronting the “lover,” a fight ensues, the doctor wins, and thinking he killed his rival, he takes off — only to end up in a horrible traffic accident that leaves his face unrecognizable. Though plastic surgery gives him a new identity, it is at that time that he is arrested and sent back to California to stand trial for his own murder. Rather than burden his family with the shock that he is still alive, the doctor insists that his lover keep mum, and he stoically goes to trial where he is sentenced to Death Row. Beautifully photographed by James Wong Howe in typically expressionistic style, the film focuses on the desperation and entrapment of the characters and expresses a true bleak, fatalistic film-noir sensibility which makes this film unique in the genre.

Release date: Feb 22, 1947
Production Company: Warner Bros.
Box Office Collection:
Genre: Classics,Drama,Mystery & Suspense

Nora Prentiss Caste and Crew
Director: Vincent Sherman
writer: Phillip MacDonald,N. Richard Nash,Philip MacDonald
Kent Smith,Ann Sheridan,Bruce Bennett,Robert Alda,Rosemary DeCamp,John Ridgely,Robert Arthur,Wanda Hendrix,Helen Brown,Rory Mallinson,Harry Shannon,James Flavin,Douglas Kennedy,Don McGuire,Clifton Young,John Newland,John Compton,Bill Williams,Ramon Ros,Jack Mower,Philo McCullough,Fred Kelsey,Louis Quince,Lottie Williams,Gertrude Carr,Richard Walsh,Tiny Jones,Lotta Williams,Georgia Caine,Dean Cameron,Roy Gordon,David Fresco,Jack Ellis,John Ellis,Lee Phelps,Creighton Hale,Eddie Hart,Clancy Cooper,Al Bridge,Alan Bridge,Ross Ford,Adele St. Maur,Ralph Dunn,Eddy Chandler,Charles Marsh,Matt McHugh,Scott Wallace,George Campeau,Fred Johnson,Charles Jordan,John Elliott